Clothing Websites Templates

4 Best Free Clothing Websites Templates

You don’t have to look further to find that free clothing website template. After spending time looking for the new and trendy clothes out there here is a list of templates that you can start using.

If you are interested in fashion, then you will get ideas of starting your website relating to it. It can be an online store selling jewelry and apparel or fashion blog. If you had already thought about and had a plan, all you need is to put in more effort, and you will soon have a live website. After your site is live is then you can commence using fashion templates. Here are some of the best free clothing website templates that you can start and kick start your website.


Wish is a clothing website template that, makes all your ideas about clothes a reality. It is a modern and clean website, and your products will find ample space online. Your customers will also love returning to your site to purchase more items.

Coza store

You can start something new with Coza store. This free fashion website template is at your disposal, and you can use it anytime. The first thing which a prospective client will get is a smooth transition and some cool effects. Push your latest clothes and best deals and get clients clicking immediately. The website also has an elegant web design which offers a good UX experience no matter the type of mobile the customer is using. Also, the site is fully responsive, and it can adapt to mobile phones, desktops, and tablets.


It doesn’t matter whether you are selling women or men’s clothing Karl is an online fashion website template which caters for both genders. Also, you can introduce other accessories such as bags, shoes, and create an e-commerce platform which sells everything that is related to fashion. Immediately your page loads customers will get awesome headers, exclusive deals, extensive slideshow, and offerings.


Nothing should stop your clothing store after you download the persuit free website template. Although persuit might be a free template, it has a lot of things to offer which will benefit your business. One unique thing about persuit is the number of home pages it has. You can also edit and enrich your website with persuit.


If you are planning to open a clothing store and you need clothing website templates, then the above website templates would be the ideal choice.

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