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4 Things You Should Consider When Starting an Online Clothing Shop

When beginning an online clothing business, it’s possible to get bogged down by manufacturing or acquiring good products to sell. If you don’t have a well strategized online clothing store, you will not be in a position to sell your items well to your target customers. Here are a few considerations that a person who wants to start an online clothing store should first make.


Before you start that clothing store first, you should ask yourself where your clients will come from. One of the largest mistakes that people who are starting up make is failing to identify their target audience. Once you recognise your target audience, your store will be able to move forward.


After you have already identified your target audience, you should ask yourself why the customers are ordering items from you. The fashion industries and the clothing stores are some of the most competitive industries. Fashion industries like the Zappos and behemoths control the biggest part of the online clothing space. This does not mean that there is no room for other entrants in the clothing industry, but all of the new online clothing shops must possess a comparative advantage.


Most customers have become accustomed to free shipping and stores which don’t offer free shipping, or lower shipping costs are at a higher risk of facing cart abandonment by the customers. Apart from offering free shipping to your client, you will also be required to determine what your return policy will be. A lot of the top fashion companies provide free return policies. Most importantly you should calculate the cost of shipping and return charges and then feature the price into your margins.

Mobile design

Before the end of the year, almost half of the world’s population will be using a smartphone. Almost half of the online traffic mainly comes from mobile gadgets. Optimizing your online store for mobile is very important. You should also strive to develop a website which is responsive. As your online clothing store continues to grow, you should plan to create a mobile app for your store.


The above considerations are just a fraction of what you are supposed to consider while starting out as a new entrepreneur. Following them will ensure that you target the right audience, determine whether to offer free shipping to customers or charge a small shipping charge and also integrate mobile design in your online clothing store.

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