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How to Sell Second-Hand Clothes at The Flea Market

If you are exhausted with having garage sales, or you are not having luck with consignment stores, you should consider renting out a booth at a flea market. The spaces at the flea market for second-hand items are not only for displaying collectables and antiques. They are both for vintage and modern clothes which will attract the browsing clients. For you to get a high profit, you should take your time and ensure that your presentation is top notch. This could bring about one half and one half of the price if the clothes were new.

To sell clothes at the flea market, you will need a safety pin, sales tags and clothing hangers. You should wash and iron all the pieces of clothes so that they will look fresh and ready to wear. Close the snaps in the clothes, zip the zippers and repair the buttons. Place each piece of cloth on a hanger. This will make the dresses, tops, pants, shorts and skirts easier to browse and also it will keep your flea market booth neat. Clothes that are folded can fall on the floor and get dirty.

Price all the clothes and attach a sales tag by the use of a safety pin

Ensure that you follow all the rules for tagging the items for sale. If you are not there to sell stop assuming that the market owner will negotiate the prices of the clothes for you.

Rotate the clothes often

Make your booth to look new and fresh by placing attractive items at the front where they can easily be seen. After some few days change the items which are featured at the perimeter of the booth. Also, display items with new brand names and new tags. Place them in areas where customers can’t miss to notice them like on the display windows or the front of the booth.

For an item that is uncommon, it would be good if you wrote a unique description for it. You can also try explaining the history of a vintage cloth or if a gown has been altered: the tag says size 14, but it can fit a size 12.


Before you rent out a booth in a flea market, you should have a written contract on all the terms. Get to know the percentage that the market is going to take from your sales and also the cost of a daily or monthly both rental.

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